How I think China is better than USA

As an international student, I have been America for two years, By using “Hofstede’s 5 dimensions”, I compare the five data: PDI  CHINA 80 while US 40; IDV China 20 while US 91; MAS China 66 while US 62; UAI China 30 while 46; LTO China 118 while US 29. In my opinion I think China is better than US for two reasons.

China has a higher PDI than US, which means China has a big difference between the rich and the poor. Though it seems US is better than China, However, China has 4 times population than US(wikipedia) Also, because Chinese goods are cheaper than America, it can satisfied people’s demand, most of people can afford it. So it decreases the effect to be lowest.

On the other hand, China has lower IDV, it presents Chinese would like to work in groups. I think it is a good way decrease fault and built collective efficacy; China and US has almost same MAS indicates both them are competitive; China has lower UAI than US. Doesn’t like US, China has more family business and small business, but there is no doubt that Chinese economic is developed in the most fast way, Chinese business also has a large attribution to world economy. Finally, China has higher LTO than US, This Dimension indicates a society’s time perspective and an attitude of persevering.(Stephen Taylor, Asian Country Graph)

For these two facts that Chinese can overcome the PDI difference compare to US and China has higher LTO than America. I believe China is better than America.


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Prof. Hofstede and China culture

This is my first time to use Prof Hofstede’s research to indicate five dimension of China culture. I am interested in the way how this program analysis the data and give reflection on it As a Chinese, I am familiar with my country, I just .give idea depending on my experience.

The PDI of China is 80, which shows inequalities among people are acceptable. In my memory, some of manager has absolute power in their duchy, people who hold opposed opinion will be punished. Though they are treated unequal, they have no way to complain. That is why I am not curious about the higher number. Certainly, it is only a small phenomenon.

As a country which has the serious sense of familial. China gets 20 point in individualism is not queried. That is why Chinese are very nostalgic. Every important festival is expected to spend together, and Chinese children are not willing to go to a university which leaves home far. They always live close to their relatives, and small meeting are very frequent.

China is a Masculinity society at 66. Success can be flaunted as target. I am working in Derb in k-state. You cannot work more than 23 hours per week. But in China, there is no limited how long you want to work. Some people work more than 10 hours each day. Also, students are very caring about their progress, that is the standard whether they success or not. So I agree with the score.

The score of Uncertainly Avoidance is 30 in China seems not convictive. First, the lower UAI reflect that people are preferred to work individually, and they are fun to accept suggestions. Second, they are easier to face the uncertainly. However, in China, manager has the absolute control in employ6ers, and employers are gave clearly instructions on what they should do. So China should get higher score in this aspect.

I have no opposition that China gets 118 for long term orientation. I am very happy to see this high score; I think that China focus on long term development and abandon the short-lived profit is a permanent way to gain larger return. For example, most of Chinese prefer to save the money, and then invest to gain more money.

That is only my opinion, I would like to share this to others and expect we exchange our experience to get right answer.